First, thanks to my dad for all his work over the years.  And thanks most recently to my newly found relatives, Jeannie Rabbitt, Billie Jean Michael Habermehl, Di Cutting Caudel and Leslie Ray Pierceall Moss for all their work and willingness to share.


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(01 Jan 06)

Welcome to Michael Mitchell's Gen Page

I've been interested in genealogy since childhood, participating in my family's get-togethers, which many times involved getting out the old photographs and family bible to pass around, talk about, relate the myths and truths, argue about who did this or that.   Sometimes we got to my favorite part: getting to see the oldest thing my family had, a photo of my great-great-grandfather, James Madison Mitchell.  To us, he was the supposed "Captain" James Madison Mitchell, CSA, although we had nothing to go on (and still don't) except that he had a very cocky hat and plume (possibly from the photographer's chest of costumes).  

Daddy spent untold hours in the 60s and 70s sifting through censuses, marriage records, death records, land records in public libraries and courthouses --sometimes on paper and sometimes microfilm, which was quite a boon to genealogists.  We spent parts of our vacations -- very humble ones, with pimiento cheese on crackers and a big orange Crush for lunch on the side of the road -- waiting around in the courthouse square for Daddy to get his stuff done in the courthouses we "happened to pass" along the way.

The years passed by -- and rather more swiftly than I wish now -- and I found that much of my own history was being lost, even very recent parts, so I've been working to organize what we have, collaborate with others in the family, and document what they share.

It's been great to meet some "new" relatives and to get some of my family in touch with folks they have lost touch with over the years.